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We are very impressed with the work and credentials of Bill Jones. We have communicated to adjusters handling our files in Texas to delegate outside investigative and surveillance assignments to him.

F Randal Wilson, ARM
Contran Corporation
Insurance and Loss Prevention
Dallas, Texas

I have been in business 32 years specializing in all forms of insurance. We have many prominent national accounts. Data Probe Investigations has been doing our pre-employment screenings for a good part of that time. We have entrusted our major corporate clients to Data Probe and have never had cause to worry and never had one complaint.

Steve Magoon, President
BioChemical Screening
Sugar Land, Texas

There is only one reason we are in business ... Profit! To increase profit each of us works toward that same goal. When employing your investigative firm, PROFESSIONALISM is the key word encompassing: Experience, Ethics, Training, Ability, Sources and Equipment. Bill Jones with Data Probe Investigations is the example of professionalism in the business of investigation. I take pride in bragging that he is our most successful graduate.

When you call Bill you can be sure you will be working with a professional. What does this mean? Bill is a professional 24 hours a day, a matter of lifestyle with Bill's firm starting with the first telephone call through the entire investigation, notes, video, report, testimony and billing. Someone once said, "Bill is very likeable in spite of his unswerving integrity."

Let me give you three major reasons it pays to employ the services of a professional organization ... like Bill operates.

His experience means ... little chance of ever being sued ... avoid lawsuits. His knowledge of the business means ... knowing how to win at time of trial. His sources ... means - prompt, factual evidence ... lowering your cost.

John R. Rose, Director
Salem, Oregon

Ten years ago I lost contact with a person very dear to me. All my attempts to find him proved fruitless, so I finally decided to ask for help. Bill Jones was the first investigator to respond to me. I felt nervous and unsure about what I was doing. Bill put me at ease and assured me he could find my friend even though all I knew was his name and date of birth. Bill was professional, supportive, kind, patient and completely charming. I felt I had a friend at hand to help me on my journey. Even when I became anxious that he could not be found, Bill kept my spirits up. It is with great joy that I can tell you Bill found my friend and we are looking forward to a reunion soon. I cannot thank Bill enough for all his help. He fulfilled a promise and I realised a dream.

All of which, by the way, was done by email between Australia and America!

Thank you to my hero - you have a friend Down Under!

Jade Sullivan
Sydney, Australia - 2006-03-16



If you actually don't need professional investigative assistance, we'll tell you so and give you advice on what other actions you can take. If you do need us, we'll work out a plan to give you the assistance you need.

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