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Full Service Private Investigators
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With our main offices in Kennesaw, in the Atlanta area of Georgia, Data Probe Investigations is a full service private investigation agency licensed in the states of Georgia and Florida.  We can provide quick, accurate and professional service through our offices and affiliates located in every major North American city, Australia, Europe and Central America.  We bring you over forty years of experience on a full spectrum of investigations.

Whether you're a business owner, attorney, or just someone wanting to check out your mate (or prospective mate), we're here for you.

While you're here, take advantage of our Free Reports. They may just answer all your questions without having to hire an investigator at all.



If you actually don't need professional investigative assistance, we'll tell you so and give you advice on what other actions you can take. If you do need us, we'll work out a plan to give you the assistance you need.

For more information or a FREE, no obligation consultation, call us today!

Home | About Us | Our Services | Quote Request  | Testimonials

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Data Probe Investigations - A Full Service Private Investigation Agency
PO Box 1984, Kennesaw, Georgia 30156
Phone: 281-731-4486   |   Nationwide Toll Free: 1-800-839-3027   |   Fax: 1-888-826-2657

Licensed Private Investigators in Georgia and Florida.
Georgia License: 1460    Florida License: A 2500037

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